Monday, March 31, 2008

Trying to keep all my plates spinning

Hello, all. I know I have been a little scarce lately. Mrs. Meyer and I have been very busy. If you recall, Megan was so kind to have a little contest a few weeks back and I won! I have had a wonderful time spring cleaning my house. Even the boy wants to use the lovely smelling cleaners. Everything is looking sparkle-y and smells wonderful. Thanks, Megan!

And like Megan, I am struggling. I haven't been doing this bloggy thing for too long, but I have "met" some really lovely women. I so enjoy reading their blogs and commenting and getting visits and comments from them. But it is taking up so much time! I still have to homeschool my children. I still need to clean my house. I still need to feed the family regularly. I still have church and family obligations. I do still need to sleep some. I'm just having trouble fitting in all of my bloggy wants with all of my life needs.

So, hang in there with me. I have about finished the wholesale slaughter on the hidden dirt in the house. Well, all that I am willing to get to right now. : ) I have a bad case of spring fever, but I still need to buckle down and keep things rolling around here.

Is anyone else out there doing the spring cleaning thing? I have washed and ironed the kitchen curtains. I've washed the downstairs windows. I've cleaned baseboards. I sitll need to hit the ceiling fans and light bulb covers. What are you all doing to herald in the spring?


Michelle said...

I cleaned out our wardrobes, but then I kind of fizzled out. ;)

Julie, if you want to still read your blogs but save a little time, try using an RSS reader like

You can view all your favorite blogs on one site at the same time.

Jubilee on Earth said...

I love Mrs. Meyers! Isn't it wonderful!?!?

Well, I haven't quite thought about all that yet. Seems to me spring should at least arrive first, before I think about spring cleaning.

I, too, use an RSS feed reader (I use Google Reader).

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

No rest for the weary, eh?! I'm getting very close to getting my business running again....Best, Evan ;)

Julie said...

Poor Maria, I'm so sorry about your snow. We have been in the 80's! : )

Yea, Evan! I can't wait to see the new operation.

Funny thing is, I set up a Bloglines account, but never used it. I will give it a try.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

yay! so glad you are enjoying the Mrs. Meyers! I got myself the rhubarb spring clean kit and I love it.

I am struggling to get motivated on the MANY cleaning projects that await. I shouldn't even be on here this morning. I'm just sooooooooo tired and unmotivated. *sigh*

Anyway, maybe motivation will find me soon. ;)

Julie said...

As I always say, so much to do, so little motivation!