Monday, April 28, 2008

There will be a lot of goat farms in heaven.

At least, that's how it appears.

I had so much fun visiting other blogs for the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. So many interesting women doing so many fun things. I found several women dreaming my dreams or actually living them. How odd that so many people want to move their families to goat farms. I wonder if these women grew up thinking my thoughts and have had the same change of heart.

As a child of the 70's , I spent most of my growing up years wanting more. We were well cared for and really wanted for nothing, but I wanted more. I didn't always know more of what, just more. I just knew that if I had a house with two floors and a guest room that everything else had to be wonderful. I grew up with 6 people in a standard, small tract house. While we never were really overcrowded, I thought people with those things must have everything.

I got those things and a whole lot more. A whole lot more. But two floors full of stuff that needs to be cleaned and put away is more overwhelming than I ever imagined. And not very satisfying. Now, I want less.

Yes, I want a smaller house and less stuff and a goat. Or twenty. I don't want a bigger closet, I want a bigger chicken house. If you had known me back in the day, you would find this revelation almost absurd.

I majored in fashion merchandising. I worked for Macy's and Lord and Taylor. My original goal was to go to New York and live the ultimate retail city life. I might even fit in an audition or two and become a Broadway star in my spare time. In reality, I probably thought I wanted that more than I really wanted it. Family has always been a priority for me. I think that is why I never made the big move.

Funny thing, I still love retail. I would love to own a store. Only I don't want it to be high fashion. I want handmade items, fresh goat products, recycled cast offs turned into new treasures. Things for real life. Things you chat over.

I'm sure there are more than a few of us who will never make it to a real farm here on this earth. I don't think heaven is clouds and harps and endless singing. I am hoping for my dream farm. I want green fields and fruit trees. I want goats and chickens and fresh milk and eggs. I want a little patch of green where I pull ripe, red tomatoes and bright, green lettuces. I want it doubly bad in spring. Everything is busting out and here in the city it is tempered with the sound of hovering helicopters, cement mixers, and garbage trucks. Cars with loud thumping radios. Ozone alerts. Fences too close. I hope in heaven there will be no Internet. Instead of stopping by my blog, you are welcome to come visit at my table and sample things from my garden and kitchen and chat. Of course, you'll have to return the favor. I promise I'll bring you some fresh eggs and milk!

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