Friday, September 19, 2008

First Look

These are some of the first photos I took as we emerged from our house the next morning. Enjoy!

This what greeted us out the front.

And this is the side view into the backyard.

This is our back deck.

The force of the wind and rain was so great that not only did we get water up on the transom over the front door (which had to travel under 11 feet of porch and 2 feet of roof overhang) but also leaves were literally blown into the cracks in the house.

Walking around the neighborhood immediately after the storm gave us some idea of how crazy it got out there. Trees were down everywhere.

But praise be to God, there was really very little damage to houses. There was the knocked over chimney down the street and a couple of dented porches, but no one in our immediate area suffered losses that would cause them to lose their homes or really even have to live somewhere else for awhile. Look at the size of this tree that came down and took out a carport, but completely missed the house.

Much to be thankful for. Much to be thankful for.


Evan Guy said...


WendyDarling said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I am so glad that y'all did well. What a blessing that none of the homes were seriously damaged. God is truly with you. ;-)

I have a friend who lives in La Porte, where I grew up. The Gulf is literally at the end of her street. When she got home she called me and said, "God performed a miracle. There is NO flooding, our homes are fine and no trees landed on any of our houses!" God is good!! :-)

Jubilee on Earth said...

Wow, Julie! Those are some unbelievable pictures. God is truly amazing, isn't he? I'm so glad to know that you are all safe, and that your homes were spared.

Ugh -- the clean-up doesn't look fun, though.

Thanks for sharing!

~Maria said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you are okay! Looks like HOURS of work will follow. Goodness.

By the way, what a beautiful neighborhood!


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

OMG! Again I'm glad that everyone is safe.
Lots of clean-up work ahead.