Saturday, October 4, 2008

It Was Finally Our Turn!!

Yesterday, we were the blessed ones. It was our turn to have the heavy hauling guys come to our house and pick up the mounds of broken limbs in front of our house. We were so glad to see them. We brought them lemonade and cookies. We thanked them and told them how grateful we were.

I know, I know. They are getting paid and paid well to help clean up this city. But without them, well, I can't even imagine how long it would take.

My husband is a general contractor and has talked to more than a few of the people who have come to Houston for the clean-up. One man said that he would spend a month down here and double his annual income. Not too shabby.

Still. We are grateful they are here to help out. And I'm really glad to be able to see down the street when I pull out of my driveway. It's been kind of a game of chance every time you pull out into the street.


Tipper said...

Hooray for you! Glad they moved the debris out of the way. I know some folks from here who have come your way to find work. Unfortunately there is none here-the real estate fiasco has brought our local economy to a complete halt.

Julie said...

Tipper - So sorry to hear about hard times for you area. We are still going pretty strong here. I'm glad we can help out. : )