Friday, August 14, 2009

While I Was Away - 3

Let's see. What else?

Oh, we had a rat in our house.

His name was Frankie.

My son was taking care of him while its mom was out of town. I was completely freaked out by this. But I will confess, by the time he went back to his real home, I was a little curious about him. He was a nice rat, as rats go.

But, of course, the biggest event of the summer was meeting the daughter of Beloved Nephew and his wife. They spent a month here this summer. We got to see her go from being a little blob baby to becoming really animated. What fun.

While they were here, I took them for a walk on the dork side.

Gosh but my boy is cool. And look how big he's gotten!

I dressed everyone up as cows to get a free lunch at Chick-fil-A. We had fun and ate well. That is my new 5th child on the left. She is Nephew's SIL. Love her to death.

Do you love my porch, or what? Man, there are worse things in life than having to live in this house a little longer.

More to come....


Anonymous said...

Argh! Arhgghh! A rat.... crawling... on...

I'm calm. Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm.

So glad you ended with a baby and a sweet family dressed as cows.


Michelle said...

Oooh, what a pretty baby! Love that photo. :)