Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs of Life

Although our "arctic blast" made it look like our yard was mostly dead, spring has sprung and there are signs of life all over the place.

Flowers are blooming.

Sadly, the bougainvillea has lost it's former glory. This:

has turned into this:

It is on the list to be whacked down to the ground. There is a little shoot sprouting near the base. I'm curious to see how far it will get this year.

All sorts of things are shooting up around here. Not the least of which are these:

Building has started in my neighborhood again. This was taken from my backyard through my next door neighbor's yard. Although it looks like one unless you look at them squarely at the front, this is really two separate houses. There is another one going in behind them.

I must say, I am very grateful that 3 houses are going up at once instead of one at a time. Building a house is noisy business. I'm glad it will all be over at once and not drawn out over many, many months.

Next up, edible garden-y things....

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