Monday, July 30, 2007

Aging...but gracefully!

Today is my birthday. While I feel exceedingly old, I don't really FEEL exceedingly old. Despite everything, I still feel pretty good about life in general. I have been given much. The number, though, is definitely giving me pause. It shocks me every time I think of it.

I did go have my annual Starbuck's. I have to say I was disappointed. It was only my fourth visit there, annual or otherwise. A friend took us there right after the first one opened here. I had hot chocolate. It was OK. I also went a couple of years ago when they had this decadent chocolate drink that was in something about the size of a shot glass and still too rich to drink. It tasted more like a melted chocolate bar than hot chocolate. Then last year on my birthday I decided I needed to go and really have a Starbuck's drink. I think I ordered a banana frappuchino. It was pretty good. I decided to do it again next year. So here it is next year. I had been advised that a caramel frappuchino would more than satisfy. Not so much. In fact, I think I was disappointed enough to change my new tradition. If I'm going to be bad and have something that is bad for me (and too expensive), I want to really enjoy it. I'm taking suggestions as to what I should get and where next year. Or tomorrow, since today was such a disappointment.

Happy birthday to me!

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Ann Weiss said...

Happy Birthday, Julie..Your dad and I had our first date, january 25, at 10:52, at the Starbuck's on Hwy. 1960 at a "mutually inconvenient place" as he described it....10 miles from him and 40 miles from me. It is still a very special place for us and we have been back several times on month-a-versaries. I highly recommend mocha frappachino (sp?). Warm regards on your very special day. Ann