Monday, November 5, 2007

100th Post

Well, It seems that I have made it to my 100th post. In keeping with tradition, here are 100 things about me. Try not to fall asleep.

  1. I was born in Houston, Texas
  2. Except for my dad’s stint in the army when he was stationed in Tacoma, Washington, I have lived here all of my life. (That was before I was even 2, so I don’t remember it at all.
  3. I was a quiet and shy child.
  4. My childhood was really quite idyllic. Things didn’t start getting crazy until college.
  5. I am the oldest of 4.
  6. I used to cry when people sang “Happy Birthday” to me at my birthday parties.
  7. I lived in the same house from the time I entered kindergarten until I graduated from college.
  8. I got glasses in 4th grade.
  9. I thought they were cool. (?!) Does that tell you how uncool I was?
  10. I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 12.
  11. I haven’t always been as close to Him as I should.
  12. My most fervent prayer is that my kids will come to know God early and never turn away from Him.
  13. I started coming out of my shell when I met my BFF. (She is a little wild and crazy.)
  14. We are still BFF’s, even after 33 years, even though we haven’t lived in the same city since we were 18.
  15. I wish she lived closer.
  16. I wore braces. Baaad case of bucked teeth.
  17. I used to have a gerbil named Stanley. He was named after a guy I had a crush on. Well, the character he was in a play.
  18. I started out as a theater major. I chickened out.
  19. Then I was an accounting major – for 6 weeks. Hated it.
  20. Finally decided on Consumer Science and Merchandising as a major.
  21. People used to stop me and tell me I looked like Boy George.
  22. I even entered a look alike contest once.
  23. I didn’t win.
  24. I had pink hair for awhile.
  25. I practically killed myself to graduate in the allotted 4 years. (I declared a major late and had a lot of classes I had to take in a short period of time.)
  26. I still haven’t figured out what the rush was.
  27. After graduating, I spent about 6 weeks in Paris “taking classes” with Parson’s School of Design.
  28. It is still one my favorite times in my life to remember.
  29. While I was there, I saw some bike race come in.
  30. After I was married and going through some old pictures, my husband freaked out when he saw pictures of something called The Tour de France.
  31. He was beyond mortified that I didn’t know what a big deal that was.
  32. My roommate there was an older woman from New Mexico.
  33. She was just about the only one there I would have wanted to room with.
  34. We still exchange Christmas cards.
  35. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.
  36. Now I can’t imagine anything much worse. (Please, ignore the fact that I homeschool. That is different. I like my children. I don’t deal well with groups of children.)
  37. My son thinks I’m a “big meanie”. I secretly take great pleasure in that.
  38. My daughter thinks I hung the moon. It is no secret that I take great pleasure in that.
  39. I’m not much of a housekeeper.
  40. I wish I could afford a maid.
  41. I’m a good cook.
  42. I’m terminally crafty.
  43. I sew.
  44. I knit.
  45. I cross-stitch
  46. I’m awesome on a hot-wire machine.
  47. I’m pretty good with a hot glue gun, too.
  48. I got engaged to my husband after only knowing him for 6 weeks.
  49. We were engaged for 8 months though.
  50. I had the flu at our wedding.
  51. We had to cut our honeymoon short because I had such a fever.
  52. It was still wonderful.
  53. We have been married for over 20 years.
  54. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  55. My first job was at The Original Christmas Store. (If you don’t count babysitting.)
  56. I’ve never had a broken bone.
  57. I’ve never had stitches from an injury.
  58. I have had 4 surgeries.
  59. I took piano lessons as a kid.
  60. I can’t play much now.
  61. I used to play guitar.
  62. My fingers are so tender, I can hardly make chords anymore.
  63. I played a snare drum in my high school drill team.
  64. I am a list maker.
  65. I’ll even add things to my list after I have done them just so I can cross them off.
  66. I hate boats.
  67. Mostly because I’m afraid of water.
  68. A cruise is my nightmare vacation.
  69. I have an inner ear disorder.
  70. I take 15 different nutritional supplements a day in an effort to control it.
  71. The only time I have ever ridden in an ambulance was because of this disorder.
  72. I experienced a very bad case of vertigo while on a field trip in Randall’s and ended up on the floor vomiting.
  73. There were more than a few very scared and confused 4 year olds watching me.
  74. I have flat feet.
  75. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who drive the wrong way in a parking lot. Look at the arrows, people!!
  76. I have taken Spanish.
  77. I have taken French – from a Cuban refugee who could barely speak English.
  78. I have taken Latin.
  79. I can speak none of these languages. Well, maybe a word or two.
  80. I have never been arrested.
  81. I have never gotten a ticket for a moving violation.
  82. I have no tattoos.
  83. My only piercings are 2 holes in each ear lobe.
  84. I have a pet chicken that likes to sit in my lap and be petted. She makes a sweet, low clucking sound when she is happy.
  85. I miss having a cat.
  86. I don’t like eggplant. I’ve tried to, but I just don’t.
  87. I love pink roses.
  88. I always have trouble deciding what my favorite color is because I really like pairs of colors. I love pink and green. Purple and green. Deep rose and dark green. Pink and purple.
  89. I think pink is probably my favorite though.
  90. I sold Mary Kay when I was in college.
  91. When I decided to stop, I had a closeout sale at a flea market.
  92. It sold so well that I put in another order and had another “closeout” sale.
  93. The kids’ dogs follow me everywhere I go in the house.
  94. I like to mess with Princess and act like I’m going one way and then change directions.
  95. I’m mean like that.
  96. I used to have a ’67 VW bug when I was in college.
  97. It got stolen within weeks of when I got it, but it was recovered. It had been spray painted red and pinstriped! And the wheels were missing.
  98. I used to have a blue civic with a Praise the Lord sticker on it. They guy who worked on it called it the Praise the Lord Honda. He is the same guy who introduced me to my husband. We still refer to it as the Praise the Lord Honda. I loved that car.
  99. I grind my teeth when I sleep.
  100. This was a lot harder than I wanted it to be. I guess I’m not that interesting. Or there is a lot about me that I don’t want you to know. ; )


Jubilee on Earth said...

Hey, this was great! I enjoyed reading it. I'm impressed -- I don't think I could've come up with 100 things about myself.

Thanks for sharing! And congrats on the 100th post.


Michelle at said...

I saw the Tour De France when I was in France, too. I didn't think it was such a big deal, either. I just wanted to get some French bread. ;)

And I am with you about adding things to my list that I have already done, just to cross them off.

I think this was the most interesting 100 Things lists I have ever read, but that could be because I know you. :)